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Wellness Services at Big Creek Animal Hospital

Wellness ExamWellness care at Big Creek Animal Hospital

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet means a happy owner! At Big Creek Animal Hospital, we recommend you bring your pet in for a wellness exam at least once per year.


Immunizing your pet can protect him or her from most major diseases. Ask us about a vaccination plan for your pet - which we create just for your based on age, breed, lifestyle, and other risk factors.

Geriatric Care

Age-related issues can effect the health and the quality of life for your pet. Diet, exercise, vitamins, and regular visits to Big Creek Animal Hospital can help ensure your pet is happy and healthy into his or her senior years.


Protect your pet with the AVID microchip system.

Preventative and Wellness Services at Big Creek Animal HospitalEvery year approximately 6 to 8 million pets end up in shelters, animal control facilities and humane societies across the country. The use of a implantable microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, will help you find your pet should he or she go missing. It's a fast, safe and permanent form of identification.

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